Imagine a world without access to books.

How would you learn to read or write?

Library For All delivers high quality, culturally-diverse, educational reading material to communities that need it, via a groundbreaking e-book library app.

Learning to read should be a basic right for every child, but millions of  kids around the world have no access to reading material.  

Our unique digital library fills educational resource gaps in communities where history, poverty or remoteness prevents access to conventional book collections. This is a global education challenge. 

Our quest is simple: we are there when books are not, so that every child can experience the joy of reading.

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What is Library For All?

Library For All is an Australian non-profit organisation with a mission to make books and educational resources accessible to all. Millions of children around the world are struggling to reach their full potential due to a lack of age-appropriate, culturally-relevant reading materials. Our solution is elegantly simple yet remarkably effective.

An Affordable E-Library

We source and create exceptional books we know kids will love to read. We work with Australian and international publishers, education experts, and experienced Advisory Boards to deliver a freely available library of books that helps children learn.  

Quality Content

We source local writers and illustrators in the countries we work with, so that children are able to read stories about their own culture, in their own language.

Our e-books are matched to relevant grade levels, to enhance the educational experience of every child and to provide additional reading and educational resources for teachers.

Superior E-book Technology

Our tech gurus have created the user-friendly Library For All app - the gateway to our diverse library of e-books. The app is freely available to anyone who wants to read, and we work closely with community representatives to help provide easier access in challenging environments.

Strategic Partnerships

Developing our dynamic library collection is what we do best. To achieve our mission, we work in partnership with the world’s best and brightest donors, supporters, development organisations, and education advisors, benefiting from what they do best.  

The Facts

But hang on, if people live in remote areas or developing world countries where they don’t have access to books, how can they have  phones or tablets?

The world has changed.

617 million children worldwide are not reaching minimum proficiency levels in reading. Yet...

7.3 billion mobile subscriptions exist globally, and...

95% of the population is covered by cellular networks.

In many of the world’s poorest countries, people are more likely to have mobile phones than clean drinking water.

Even in wealthier countries, more and more people are reading books on mobile devices.

Today there is an opportunity to change the way we think about libraries.

Forget quiet spaces for the select few.

Forget dusty books that are expensive, quickly out of date and hard to store.

This is a flexible, responsive, relevant library that’s FREE to use.

This is Library For ALL.

Come and read with us!