Library For All is there when books are not,
making reading accessible to all.

Our Mission
To make knowledge accessible to all, equally.

Our Vision

To create and deliver a digital library for the world and provide relevant content to 20 million users by 2030.

The Global Challenge
617 million children worldwide are not reaching the minimum proficiency levels in reading and maths, despite enrolment in school.

A major reason for this is a lack of access to quality, relevant reading material in a familiar language. 40% of the global population does not access education in a language they understand. 

Library For All has built an innovative digital library to deliver quality educational materials in communities where history, poverty or remoteness limits access to books.

Literacy and education lead to higher incomes, longer lives, and healthier families. Studies show that if all students in low-income countries had basic reading skills by the time they finished primary school, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty.

Our CEO saw an opportunity to make a real difference to children's lives...


Library For All was founded by Australian entrepreneur Rebecca McDonald. Moved by images of suffering in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, Rebecca relocated with her husband to volunteer on community projects. What affected her most during her years in Haiti was seeing classrooms with hundreds of children that had no books. As a keen reader of e-books herself, the idea for an accessible, culturally-relevant digital library hit Rebecca like a lightning bolt.

Working with influencers and expert collaborators in the US, Rebecca successfully grew Library For All from idea to organisation in 2013. This ground-breaking digital library initiative provides a scalable solution to the lack of accessible books in developing countries. To date, the e-library has reached thousands of children across Haiti, Rwanda, Republic of Congo, Mongolia and Cambodia.

Rebecca returned to Australia in 2016, where she now drives innovation across the Asia Pacific region. With a young family, she is more passionate than ever about the social and economic benefits of literacy education, ensuring that children and young people have the opportunity to become lifelong readers.

Our Team

Rebecca McDonald Headshot

Rebecca McDonald

CEO & Founder
Cameron Hemming LFA headshot

Cameron Hemming

Micah May Headshot

Micah May

Director of Technology

Lara Cain Gray

Senior Research Librarian

Gretel Matawan

Content Coordinator - PNG
Anthea Marsh headshot

Anthea Marsh

Executive Assistant
Simon Eschbach Headshot

Simon Eschbach

Software Development Volunteer

Our Board of Directors

Glenn Scott Headshot

Glenn Scott

Board Chair
Platform Advisors
Philippa Tyndale Headshot

Philippa Tyndale

Board Member
Propeller Projects
Connie Ridley Headshot

Connie Ridley

Board Member
Opportunity International Australia
Denise Nichols profile

Denise Nichols

Board Member
International Aid & Development Consultant
Rebecca McDonald Headshot

Rebecca McDonald

Board Member
Library For All Ltd
Liz Henderson headshot

Liz Henderson

Board Member
Strategy Unlimited

Our International Advisory Board

Andrew Tyndale Headshot

Andrew Tyndale

Grace Mutual Ltd
Alan Inouye Headshot

Alan Inouye

Director of Office for Information Technology Policy
American Library Association
Ashley Gordon Headshot

Ashley Gordon

Founder & Publisher
Mockingbird Publishing
Fred Rudy Headshot

Fred Rudy

Fred J. Rudy & Associates
Anne Kostick Headshot

Anne Kostick

Advisory Board Chair & Publishing Consultant
Foxpath IND
Drew Podwal Headshot

Drew Podwal

Project Manager - Media, Technology & Information Systems

Our Papua New Guinea Advisory Board

Phillip Fitzpatrick Headshot

Phillip Fitzpatrick

Advisory Board Member
Pukpuk Publications

Anna Joskin

Advisory Board Member
University of Papua New Guinea
Aundo Aitu profile

Aundo Aitau

Advisory Board Member
University of Papua New Guinea

Ray O'Farrell

Advisory Board Member
Bilum Books

Sara White

PNG Advisory Board
Bilum Books

Patricia Paraide

Advisory Board Member
Divine World University