Contributor Opportunities
Writers & Illustrators 

Library For All engages writers and illustrators from around the world to help us create our unique digital books.
Visit this page regularly for the latest call outs and opportunities. 

For Our Papua New Guinea Library 
Do you have a PNG story to tell?
LFA is now receiving submissions of short stories to develop into picture books for use on electronic devices in PNG. 
New and experienced writers welcome. 
Are you based in PNG? For submission information, please visit the Library For All PNG Facebook page or contact our PNG team
Are you based in Australia or around the world? For submission information, please visit the Library For All Australia Facebook page or email 
Please note, we cannot guarantee acceptance, remuneration or return of any stories submitted.
General Story Submissions - Global Library

Library For All accepts limited unsolicited submissions of stories suitable for young readers (4-7 years) for development into picture books. Do you have a wonderful story idea? We'd love to hear from you.

Please note, we cannot guarantee acceptance, remuneration or return of any stories submitted. Contact the team for further information. 

FAQs For Writers

Q: Why should I consider writing for Library For All? 
A: Because we believe every child has a right to read. We will make your story available to children in communities where poverty, history or remoteness prevent access to a traditional library. Imagine a world without books? How would you learn to read? We want to ensure every child can enjoy the gift of reading. 
Q: Do you pay for contributions?

A: As a non-profit organisation, we are always excited when someone offers to donate a story for our library. At the same time, we respect your right to be paid for your creative endeavours so we can discuss payment for stories in some cases. The amount paid varies according to story length and your location. We are happy to explain why - get in touch

Q: What kind of story should I write? 

A: We will consider almost any kind of story that would make a great picture book for early readers, but we do have priority areas of need. At present, we are supporting schools in Papua New Guinea, so we are particularly interested in books that are relevant to PNG kids. Story length should be approximately 50-400 words. All stories should have a good story arc, relatable characters and vocabulary appropriate for children 4-7 years old. 

Q: What will happen to my story after submission?

A: If accepted, the story will go through an editing process. It will then be matched with an illustrator and digitised for inclusion in our library. We are a transparent organisation and believe in regular communication with our writers. You will be asked to sign a contract and we will keep in touch about the book's progress. 

Q: Who owns the rights to my book?

A: All books published by Library For All fall under a Creative Commons non-commercial license. This means you will not be paid royalties, and your work will be freely available for us to reproduce and use in other formats, in support of our mission. Other people will also be able to reproduce your work for non-commercial purposes. This model is essential for us to reach readers who need books quickly and effectively, without financial or copyright restrictions. Once again, we are very happy to answer you questions about this. Just ask!