Help Us Help The World To Read

We work strategically in partnership with individuals, the business community, development organisations, content providers and educators to achieve our mutual goals.  

Corporate Partners

We welcome your interest and can tailor a partnership that meets your corporate social responsibility goals.

Talk to our team today about how your financial support, probono or in-kind support, volunteering, event participation or sponsorship, opens new possibilities for millions of children around the world.

Regular Giving 

Would you like to learn more about how your individual gift could help make the world of difference to children everywhere?  Your regular donation helps us plan for the future.  Knowing that we have the funds to support our work in the communities we have identified as most in need means that we can act much faster to make our global library a reality.

Community Fundraising

Have you got a great idea to help us raise funds and awareness for our cause?  We’d love to hear from you and can provide all the help you need to get things started.  Contact our partnerships team and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can.

Gifts In Will

A bequest to Library For All is one way you can give the gift of reading to children around the world. Choosing to donate to us via your Will is an opportunity to impact generations of families in developing communities. Today's readers are tomorrow's leaders; your generosity will change lives.


Whether you’re a corporate or an individual, we value your skills have and would love to hear from you if you’d like to share them.  Check our Careers page regularly for volunteering opportunities or contact our team to talk about the latest opportunities.

Stand with us as we make knowledge accessible to all, via our innovative digital library solution.

Program Partners

We work with major NGOs, governments and development funds to ensure our educational content reaches people who need it most. 

Technology Partners

We collaborate with innovators in software development, e-book creation and hardware delivery to provide access to as many readers, in as many formats as we can. 

Content Contributors

We work with leading publishers and distributors of educational reading material around the world to provide content via our unique open access platform. 

Every great movement in the world starts with a tiny group of people who simply refuse to accept a situation. 

Sir Richard Branson